We offer a comprehensive educational program in robotics for students of all levels, starting from the early years of study (Pre-School) and progressing through intermediate levels (Primary).

Through our program, students develop competencies crucial for their professional future, such as cooperative and collaborative work, abstract thinking, problem-solving, and leadership.

Utilizing our methodology, we seamlessly integrate content from various subjects, including mathematics, social and natural sciences, productivity, and development. This creative and enjoyable approach promotes the internalization of learning, introducing new concepts to complement and facilitate students in achieving their educational goals and competencies.

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Yes, we are definitely open to considering a discount for families with multiple children. Please get in touch with us directly through here in order to discuss this further.

Neurotek’s program in Robotics education focuses on providing students of all levels with a comprehensive learning experience. We aim to instill essential skills such as teamwork, abstract thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, preparing students for future professional success.

Our curriculum at Neurotek is designed to be holistic, integrating concepts from various subjects. Mathematical principles are woven into the robotics framework, and connections are made with social and natural sciences. This interdisciplinary approach enhances the learning experience, making it both enriching and practical.

Our teaching methodology is interactive and creative, making learning enjoyable. We incorporate hands-on activities, real-world applications, and the use of modern technology. The goal is to engage students actively in the learning process, fostering creativity and a deep understanding of robotics concepts. 

Neurotek employs state-of-the-art technological tools and resources to enrich the learning experience. This includes access to robotics kits, programming software, simulation tools, and other cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to expose students to the latest advancements in the field.

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