Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and mental processes; at the same time it aims at describing, explaining, predicting and controlling behavior. This discipline analyzes the cognitive, affective and behavioral part of people and also helps to alleviate their psychological pain and improve relationships with themselves and their environment, works to improve mental health in a continuous search for welfare at all stages of human development through which we go through different evolutionary crises and different conflicts or problems so we may need a professional psychologist as a guide in our lives to move forward.

We offer extensive experience in the cognitive-behavioral area where psychological treatment helps to modify thoughts, emotions and behaviors, in order to be more effective in situations that denote psychological discomfort. In this approach, both psychologist and patient work together to identify and solve problems, modify thought patterns in order to obtain the modification of behavior and emotional state.

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To provide empathic psychological care in Jacó for children, adolescents and adults, which will help you to modify thoughts, feelings and behaviors that generate psychological suffering or discomfort. To teach techniques that can be applied to deal with stressful situations in order to learn how to manage emotions and improve the way you communicate with others.

When you are going through situations that generate anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement situations, constant relationship problems, divorce, psychoeducation in parenting, problems with mood swings, feeling that nothing motivates you, having intrusive thoughts that invade you; among others, any emotional state where you think you need help do not hesitate to seek it.

When you observe significant changes in the child’s behavior, irritability, bullying or school bullying, child anxiety, adjustment problems, problems with setting limits, traumatic experiences, sleep problems, nightmares and night terrors, symptoms of depression, self-harm, difficulties in social relationships or with their peer group, problems in school performance, among other changes that you observe that the child requires help, do not hesitate to seek it.

Good mental health determines how we face the vicissitudes of everyday life, affects how we think, feel and act, determines how we relate to others and how we make decisions. Good mental health is important at all stages of life, from childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.
It also makes us more empathetic and altruistic towards others and increases our sense of well-being. Part of good mental health is recognizing when we need help and taking that first step of seeking psychological care as part of that great commitment to self-love.

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